A Message from the Chairman

Corporate Governance to Underpin Sustainable Growth

Teruo Asada  Chairman of the Board

In accordance with our Company Creed of “Fairness, Innovation, and Harmony,” the Marubeni Group reaffirms its commitment to social and economic development through fair and upright corporate activities. We believe that strong corporate governance must form the foundation of this mission, and we have therefore positioned strengthening governance as one of our most important management priorities.

Beginning with the year ending March 31, 2017, we increased the ratio of external directors on the Board of Directors to realize more impartial, transparent, efficient, and appropriate management. We have also established the Nomination Committee and the Governance and Remuneration Committee, both membered by a majority of external executives, to serve as advisory organizations for the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors consists of 10 directors, four of whom are external, and its meetings are attended by five Audit & Supervisory Board Members, three of whom are external members. In this manner, we are taking steps to integrate a broader range of outside opinions into the Board of Directors and increase the independence and transparency of management, thereby enhancing management discipline and oversight.

The circumstances surrounding corporate governance in Japan are projected to continue evolving into the future, as evidenced by the recent establishment of Japan’s Stewardship Code and the adoption of the Corporate Governance Code. As Marubeni is a general trading company, meaning that its business may shift significantly in response to changes in the business climate, it is especially important for us to be able to make swift and flexible corporate governance-related decisions. We thus intend to quickly respond to these changing times earnestly and appropriately with the aim of realizing even stronger corporate governance and, during the course of these activities, increasing our corporate value.

Teruo Asada
Chairman of the Board

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