Aerospace & Ship Division

[Major Products and Areas]

  • Operating leases of aircraft and engines, risk- and revenue-sharing program participation for aircraft and engines, and aircraft parts trading
  • Sales representatives for commercial aircraft sheet, engines, maintenance, repairs, and operations (MRO) services and defense systems, and export and support services for defense forces
  • Sale and purchase, chartering, and shipowning of merchant ships
  • Shipowning and chartering of LNG carriers, and investments in offshore businesses

Our Strength

The Division has achieved steady growth through agency businesses, such as sales of aircraft/engine and maintenance support, investment in engine development, and involvement in ground handling operations. With expectations for increasing passenger traffic, Marubeni entered the engine leasing business in 2011. In 2012, Marubeni invested in U.S. parts trader Magellan Aviation Group LLLP, followed by investment in Aircastle Limited, a major U.S. aircraft leasing company in 2013.

Marubeni has gained ground through distribution agent operations for aircraft, helicopters, engines, composite materials, and high-resolution cameras for satellites. Marubeni is also making new entries in the security sector, such as base operations & supplies and fuel distribution at Japan Self-Defense Forces’ PKO base, and support for the Philippines to introduce of multipurpose vessels. In other areas, Marubeni is currently making moves for a full-scale entry into the space business.

Marubeni makes the most of its organizational abilities, which only a general trading company can provide, in its ship business, including sale and purchase, chartering, and shipowning of merchant ships, and marine equipment, by organically integrating demands from business clients across the world, such as operators, ship owners, builders, and financial institutions.

In the LNG carrier ownership/operation business, one of the focus sectors of the Division, we will continue to increase fleets and expand LNG transportation operations. In the marine business sector, the Division newly entered the off-shore support vessel operations and installation service of off-shore wind power generating devices in cooperation with other groups in Marubeni.

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