Power Business Division

[Major Products and Areas]

  • Overseas I(W)PP*1 projects
  • EPC*2 for overseas power projects
  • Power plant operation and maintenance services
  • Domestic power generation and PPS*3 businesses
*1 I(W)PP
: Independent (Water) Power Producer
*2 EPC
: Engineering, Procurement and Construction
*3 PPS
: Power Producer & Supplier

Our Strength

In overseas power generation business, Marubeni owns net overseas capacity of 10,273 MW (as of March 31, 2016), the leading players in a Japanese IPP business. This was achieved by utilizing our know-how in Power Plant EPC (Engineering, Procurement & Construction) business, and our accumulated and proven capability in both Power project development and execution taking their lead responsibilities. Marubeni aims to become worldwide leading IPP business players in Europe and the United States.

In the overseas power generation business, besides its headquarters, Marubeni has established the specialized offices for power business development in New York, London, Singapore, Dubai and Johannesburg, and for power asset management in Hong Kong and Abu Dhabi. Marubeni can comply with our customers' needs and satisfactions over our network. Marubeni builds the optimal portfolio for each regional power projects with long-term power purchase agreements, as stable revenue from their projects. Marubeni also owns various power project portfolio which covers from upstream to downstream in the power business, such as transmission and distribution network business, power retailing business, operation and maintenance business in power plants, and installation of off-shore wind power EPC business.

Since starting delivery and construction of power plants for power projects outside of Japan in the 1960s, Marubeni is getting successful proven track record for power plant EPC business in collaboration with leading Japanese, European and American power plant manufacturers to establish our experienced capabilities of EPC project management. Marubeni is one of the leading EPC contractors for power projects over the world and the know-how of our EPC project management makes us the advantage in IPP business over the world as the synergies of our business portfolio.

Since the liberalization of the Japanese power retail business in 2000, Marubeni, as a PPS, has conducted the integrated management for power supply, power purchase/ power retail and ancillary services by ourselves, and thereby has rich experience of the supply-demand balancing with various type of power generations from base-load to peaker. Marubeni owns a net domestic power assets of 470 MW (as of March 31, 2016), mainly in renewables, and will continue to expand business in both PPS and power retail.

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