Insurance, Finance & Real Estate Business Division

[Major Products and Areas]

  • Insurance and reinsurance
  • Fund and J-REIT management
  • Property management
  • Domestic and overseas housing development

Our Strength

Expanding finance and real estate investment business by utilizing trading company functions

Through investment in United Urban Investment Corporation, a listed J-REIT (Real Estate Investment Trust), and privately-placed REIT Marubeni Private REIT Inc., as well as the establishment and management of real estate private funds, Marubeni will seek to increase its outstanding assets under management, and expand its business platforms helping to secure stable profit, which includes the property management business. In the private equity fund operations, Marubeni is actively investing in buyout funds.

Comprehensive insurance solutions

Marubeni meets its customers' needs throughout the entire value chain by covering procurement, sales, and maintenance, both domestic and overseas. Marubeni provides such services through an insurance agency that provides diversified insurance services of multiple general and life insurance companies, insurance brokering that offers risk management based on customers' needs, and procurement of competitive reinsurance.

Meeting various domestic real estate needs by property development and related services

The Tower Yokohama Kitanaka

With a track record of over 80,000 properties supplied for over 50 years in the condominium development operations business, Marubeni is providing a one-stop service from development such as planning, designing, and construction, to sales, management, and communication infrastructure services for condominiums, by utilizing the overall strength of the Marubeni Group. Making best use of its experience in the comprehensive real estate industry, Marubeni is able to meet various customer needs.

Overseas real estate development operations by utilizing experience in Japan

By making use of its know-how in domestic real estate development and its network as a general trading company, Marubeni is operating real estate development business overseas, mainly in China and ASEAN countries. Especially in China, Marubeni began construction and management of rental housing for foreigners in Shanghai as a pioneering Japanese real estate developer in 1985, and is currently operating real estate development businesses in Shanghai and Changchun.

  • Fengxiangyuan Project, a large-scale housing development in Shanghai City, China
  • Another view of the Fengxiangyuan Project in Shanghai City
  • Sungai Long Residence Project, a housing development venture in Malaysia

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