ICT, Logistics & Healthcare Division

[Major Products and Areas]

  • Systems solutions
  • Network solutions
  • Mobile handset sales agents
  • Third-party logistics and international logistics
  • Health care & medical business

Our Strength

Our section’s strength is that in addition to the corporate customer base of the Marubeni Group, we also have individual customers, mostly in condominium households. By making use of this advantage, we will seek to enter new business areas with large growth potential, such as IoT, big data-related services and e-commerce.

We have a business base for comprehensive ICT services that can meet customer needs from various aspects, such as provision of information communication infrastructure like network lines and data centers, provision of internet connection service for condominiums, and solution proposal of network and systems.

Marubeni has a mobile phone sales network that spans Japan and holds the industry’s top position as a mobile service provider agent. For corporate customers, we provide services such as optimization of communication cost, terminal installation and management, billing, and security management. We also offer a wide range of mobile solution services such as mobile device repair and maintenance services for manufacturers and various companies.

For many enterprises, both domestic and overseas, the reduction of logistics costs has become a significant management issue. Based on its ample experience, Marubeni provides solutions from logistics planning to operations, and supports its customers to develop logistic strategy, make operational reform, and improve management efficiency.

Taking advantage of the environmental changes in the health care/medical field, such as the support for overseas expansion of Japan’s medical technologies by the government as part of the Japan Revitalization Strategy, and the trend of increasing medical fees in the emerging countries, Marubeni is focusing on creating new businesses in the relevant areas from the perspective of a general trading company.

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